The patent-pending Dry Cooling Technology is the result of an innovative collaboration with Inuteq – a world leader in personal cooling technologies and products. This partnership followed extensive user consultation that demonstrated the issues with existing industrial cooling systems – all of which use wet technology which can be uncomfortable on the wearer’s skin and is compromised in humid conditions.

The new technology keeps the wearer 100% dry while offering superior cooling benefits of 15°C below ambient temperature. It lasts up to four times longer than current wet cooling alternatives, is anti-bacterial and machine washable.

Dry Cooling Technology uses an innovative two-part structure – storing water between a semi-permeable outer membrane and an impermeable inner layer. It cools the wearer by utilising energy from the water as it evaporates. This means that – in contrast to wet cooling systems whose lifecycles are shortened by humid conditions – this new system thrives in this environment and can last for over one to three days after a single activation. 

And Dry Cooling’s advantages go beyond performance. Due to its longer-lasting cooling benefits and ability to be activated 750 times, this technology has significant cost benefits when measured over a five-year period.

The system is compatible with all helmets and approved to all Centurion helmets. This is their latest step in making safe safer – providing the wearer comfort that aids compliance and reduces the risks of heat in the workplace.

For more information on Dry Cooling Technology products please contact your local service centre.

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