Spills in the workplace pose a very real threat to the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees. All it takes is for containers of oil, chemicals or maintenance fluid to be knocked over or damaged and staff are very likely to injure themselves, or inhale dangerous fumes. Even a small spillage can cause serious slips, as well as significantly reduce the site’s air quality

With the Health and Safety Executive reporting that slips and trips cause over a third of all reported minor injuries, 20% of over -3-day injuries and two fatalities a year in the UK alone, it’s clear that spill containment is crucial. In the process, you can increase your company’s sustainable practices by choosing environmentally friendly spill response products.

Spill containment in the workplace

There are many products available for the containment and removal of spilt liquids, each designed around the size and nature of the accident. By investing in spill response kits and spill care training, you can ensure that your entire workforce is working in unison to prevent spills and confidently respond to incidents in a timely fashion.

A spill prepared mindset

Spill containment should be part of your company’s environmental methodology. By responding to the spillage quickly and effectively, you can ensure that the substances don’t affect any nearby natural habitats, such as soaking into or entering water sources. However, there’s a lot more that can be done from a sustainability perspective, as some spill response products have been specifically developed with environmental responsibility at their core.

Sustainable product ranges

Greenham is a supplier of advanced spill care products. Our wide-ranging offering is perfect for everything from small and manageable spills, to serious incidents that could potentially have a severe impact on the ecosystem.

Thanks to our variety of sustianable spill response solutions, your business can quickly react to spillages in the workplace without having to worry about negative environmental consequences. Simultaneously, you can rest assured that going for the sustianable option doesn’t mean sacrificing quality and consistency, as each product has been developed and tested for maximum performance.

Sustainable maintenance rolls and pads

Oil and water-based spills can include fuels, coolants, oils and hydraulic fluids, all of which can easily occur even in the most safety-conscious working environment. Ecospill’s range of sustainable maintenance rolls and pads have been specially created around exceptional fluid uptake and retention, which when combined with outstanding strength and durability makes a highly effective spill containment solution.

These sustainable rolls and pads and manufactured from natural fibres, which are refined and upgraded for high tensile strength, impressive traction and optimum performance. Available in all formats of absorbents as well as part of a comprehensive spill kit, they’re a must-have addition to your spill response setup.

Sustainable oil only rolls and pads

If your business or certain workspaces on the premises use oil-based fluids more than anything else, such as fuels, hydraulic fluids and other hydrocarbon derivatives, Greenham’s sustainable oil only rolls and pads will be the more logical option. These products very cleverly designed, as they selectively absorb oil whilst repelling water-based fluids.

As with the maintenance variety, the sustainable oil only rolls and pads are hard-wearing and always up to the task. Simply store them close to areas where oil-based spillages are likely to occur and you can rest assured that your workers can contain and clean up the liquids in no time at all.

Absorbent granules

Another highly practical and powerful spill response solution is our eco-sustainable absorbent compound. Available in 30-litre bag, these fire-retardant organic granules are lightweight and capable of soaking up spills extremely quickly. Designed to be dust-free, chemically inert, and suitable for all internal and external surfaces, they can be disposed of or incinerated after use without causing harm to the enviornment or compromising the health of your staff.

The beauty of these sustainable absorbent granules they’re very affordable and so easy to use, as you simply pour them onto the spill, brush in and brush up, then throw away. They guarantee to remove oil, fuel and water-based liquids completely and leave no residue, all while being environmentally friendly.

Find out more about sustainable spill containment

There’s never been a better time to integrate sustainable practices into your daily operations. To find out more about environmentally friendly spill care products, spill response kits and eco-friendly absorbents, call us on 0845 300 6672 or email the team at sales@greenham.com.