85% of people say the washroom reflects how much an establishment cares about its customers or employees.

As the average consumer spends more time away from home at work or leisure, it is more important than ever that workplace washrooms are as clean and hygienic as possible, reflecting care for employees and guests. However, there is also an ever-tighter control over costs and improving efficiency. Kimberly-Clark Professional’s complete Scott® Control Range of branded washroom solutions deliver increased hygiene, without compromising on efficiency. 

Be in control of your washroom with new Scott® Control Range

The new Scott® Control Toilet Tissue system completes the Scott® Control washroom solution.  The new system provides users with the highest standards of hygiene without compromising on efficiency – delivering an uncompromised clean, every single time.

The Scott®Control Toilet Tissue System has the highest capacity centrefeed system on the market. It comes with guaranteed 100% dispensing reliability (Materials EvaluationLab Testing, August 2017) and is compatible with the Aquarius Dispenser – the most hygienic dispenser versus the competition. (Results of Swab Teststudy conducted by MGS Laboratories, January 2017) Specifically designed to help control usage in the washroom whilst providing the highest standards of hygiene. The centre feed format brings controlled single sheet dispensing, helping to reduce usage of toilet tissue. For the facilities manager and cleaning teams, this has a positive impact on cost. It also reduces the likelihood of toilet blockages and waste paper on the floor, both issues require additional maintenance and incur extra cost.

With high capacity 314m rolls containing 1280 sheets, the Scott® Control Toilet Tissue System helps reduce refill events to improve staff efficiencies and freeing up time to carry out other cleaning tasks.

The consistent, smooth dispensing means the Scott®Control Toilet Tissue System is 100% reliable every single time. (Materials EvaluationLab Testing, August 2017) User satisfaction is enhanced further by the soft Scott® 2-ply tissue, which is also designed to dissolve and break down in water, helping to prevent the headache of blockages and keep toilet maintenance down.

Scott® Control Toilet Tissue is dispensed through the one-wipe-clean Aquarius Dispenser. This sealed unit has no dirt traps. The roll is fully enclosed in the dispenser, which prevents cross-contamination as users only touch the sheet they use and the roll isn’t exposed to airborne germ particles. The flat-to-wall design makes the Aquarius Dispenser an excellent choice for use in small spaces. It also has an enclosed lockable system, limiting the possibilities to damage or tamper with the unit.

The Scott® Control washroom range also includes, the Scott® Control Rolled Hand Towel System and the Scott® Control Foam Hand CleanserSystem.  The complete solution helpsto fight against the spread of germs at every stage of the washroom.

The Scott®Control Rolled Hand Towel is designed for improved efficiency and hygiene. The Scott® Control Rolled Hand Towel system provides 40% more hand dries, meaning fewer refills than equivalent competitor systems. The system has a never run out feature that ensures a continuous and reliable rolled hand towel supply.  The stub roll does not feed twice, and the transition to the new roll is seamless. This means less time is required for refilling dispensers and the single-sheet dispensing system helps keep washrooms tidier making less work for facilities managers and busy cleaning teams. (Results of Hall Test research conducted by Sapio Research Agency, January 2017)

The final product in the Scott® Control washroom range is Scott® Control Foam Frequent Use HandCleanser.  It is perfect for frequent use as it has no added fragrances or dyes. The foam Hand Cleanser comes in a hygienically sealed cassette with an integrated pump, and also has cost-in-use efficiency benefits when compared to a liquid soap. It delivers 2,500 shots from the one-litre cassette compared with 1,000 shots for the liquid alternative. Foam soap may also help facility managers to achieve sustainability targets as it uses between 16-45% less water to wash hands than using liquid soap. For every 100-people employed this equates to a potential annual reduction in water usage of as much as 56,000 litres.