There’s much more to safety footwear than just ankle support and steel toe caps. While protecting your feet is a priority, the health and comfort of your lower extremities must be considered.

From the right upper materials for optimal ventilation to a firm, more supportive fit, a variety of factors go into creating footwear that provides support throughout the workday.

Whether on a building site with uneven surfaces or inside a crowded, fast-moving warehouse, the right safety footwear can make all the difference between a productive day on your feet and an uncomfortable experience for your team.

Below, we’ve explained why the right safety footwear can make a huge difference for your staff, as well as the specific features and technology you should look for.

Preventing strains, discomfort and injuries

Standing on your feet for nine or ten hours a day isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re moving from one surface to another. In this line of work, your day can vary, taking you from one type of job to another, constantly testing your body.

Because of this, your team requires footwear that is flexible, and can keep up with the changing environment, while preventing injuries that can affect your employees’ ability to work.

The WELLMAXX Series from Elten has been created to include innovative cushioning technology, designed with a revolutionary soft core, to provide the highest levels of protection for your ankle and foot.

The end result is a softer, smoother and more supported experience that not only protects you and your team members from dropped objects and other obstacles, but also lowers your risk of dealing with foot, ankle, knee and hip injuries by providing constant, cushioned support and full flexibility.

Changing how we work

The majority of hard flooring, such as that used in industrial workplaces, is non-shock absorbent, and can place a serious strain on your team’s bodies.

Slip on a pair of standard safety shoes and you’ll feel cushioning and comfort, usually provided by conventional plastic. While this is enough for most industrial settings, the best safety shoes go a step further.

The WELLMAXX series have utilised brand new technology to set a new standard of cushioning. Consisting of an expanded thermoplastic polyurethane, Infinergy® is a new particle foam which is just as elastic as rubber, but much lighter.

This material provides a spring back motion, which means that as you walk, the energy generated is returned to the user, making it easy to walk on non-shock absorbent flooring.

Good quality safety footwear, such as footwear that uses Wellmaxx sole technology from Elten, is designed to keep your feet cushioned, comfortable and protected on any surface, from hard, flat concrete to the most uneven gravel, dirt and sand.

Beyond an improvement in cushioning and movement, Infinergy® is also specially engineered to withstand an incredible range of temperatures, making it suitable for almost any commercial or industrial environment.

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