Juba® is a company that understands the protection needs of its customers and delivers it through its technological expertise. Their Ninja® range is a premium quality that has been designed to protect you and enhance your performance.

When the traditional hand protection simply won’t do, approach your hand protection challenges with the Ninja® Series. The sleek, stylish, comfortable Ninja® Series is the culmination of extensive research, design and testing.

The extensive array of Ninja® products addresses a multitude of hand protection needs ranging from Extreme Tactile Sensitivity to CE Level 5 Cut Resistance to Severe Cold. The whole range provides the protection, dexterity and the comfort needed to achieve higher productivity and experience fewer injuries.

A multitude of industries use Ninja® gloves, including automotive, medical, chemical, environmental, metal fabrication, food processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, aerospace, plastics, pulp & paper, household and many more.

All Ninja® styles with Bi-Polymer, HPT™ and PU coatings will feature Latex-Free wristings.  By replacing Natural Rubber Latex yarns in the wrist area with new stretchable Latex-Free yarns, Ninja® gloves offer our customers products that are truly 100% Latex-Free.

Brand Philosophy

As much Art as Science

It is important to understand the company’s innovation philosophy which is a mix of passion, precision and perseverance put into innovation. The founders, and now the company’s management at all levels, consider designing and developing personal protection equipment, especially hand protection as much an art form as it is Science.

An art form, because of the vast experience the company has built over decades of working and experimenting with a wide range of formers, polymers, fabrics, coatings and dipping coverages. The right mix of these is an art that delivers as much on comfort as on performance. This experience cannot be imitated or learnt overnight.

This Art form is unique to Ninja®. Science, as protection is a serious business. It is the difference between life and death for workers in some environments. Ninja® employs the most cutting edge technology, robotics and state-of-the-art production facilities to make the most precise and perfect gloves, in a highly efficient environment.

Technology Platforms

The technology platforms of the Ninja® range are based on providing the most reliable performance together with outstanding comfort. The comfort is determined by the lightness, flexibility and breathability of the glove.

Product performance for Juba® starts with the highest quality materials, blending and knitting their own yarn, using pure and unadulterated polymers to ensure stringent protection and durability that conforms to the highest global quality standards. The Innovation Team developed unique processes, coatings, finishes, materials and textiles to achieve the best-in-class benchmark in performance and comfort worldwide.

Protection Meets Innovation

Ninja® is one of the best hand protection brands in the world, constantly engaged in re-inventing itself and adding to the comfort, durability and performance of its products. It has five global state-of-the-art R&D facilities and innovation centres, incorporating cutting edge technologies. It is one of the few global brands, whose manufacturing facilities are vertically integrated from developing, blending and spinning fibres and yarns into high-quality fabrics for gloves, to artfully blending polymers and coatings for superior hand protection. From cotton to synthetic and engineered yarns, Ninja® offers gloves ranging from cut and sewn to seamless.


Ninja® Flex: NF00

Ninja® Flex: NF00

The Ninja® Flex Glove is part of the new innovative Professional Grade hand protection series. Each glove has a unique shell and polymer combination for better dexterity, sense of touch, and safety protection.

  • 15-gauge Fashion Grade Nylon Shell
  • Ultralight Weight Natural Rubber Latex Coating
  • High-Density Crinkle Coating provides a powerful grip and superb flexibility, softness and durability.
  • Great for dry-grip applications
  • Treated with Activefresh® to kill bacteria and promote freshness

Applications: Recycling, Agriculture, Shipping/Receiving and Durable Goods Assembly.

Ninja® X4: NX400

<p>Applications: Recycling,
Agriculture, Shipping/Receiving and Durable Goods Assembly.</p>
<p><strong>Ninja® X4: NX400</strong></p>
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<ul><li>13-gauge Synthetic
Fiber/Fiberglass Shell</li><li>Economical &
Effective Cut Protection</li><li>Proprietary
Bi-Polymer Coating provides unsurpassed softness and durability</li><li>Organic
Silicone-Free & DMF-Free Coating</li><li>Also available in
Knuckle Coated, Fully Coated and Mechanic’s Style with Velcro Closure.</li><li>CE/EN 388 Cut Level
4, CPPT Cut Level 2:862 grams</li><li>Treated with
Activefresh® to kill bacteria and promote freshness</li></ul>
<p>Applications: Glass Industry,
Canning, Bottling Operations and Automotive Assembly</p>
<p><strong><a href=Ninja® Silver Plus: NSP00

Juba® Ninja Silver Plus PU Coated Cut Level C Glove
  • 13-gauge Dyneema®/Synthetic Fiber/ Fiberglass Shell
  • Tests have demonstrated that gloves made with Dyneema® have up to 20 times more abrasion resistance than gloves made with Aramid-based (spun) yarns
  • Grey Polyurethane Coating conceals dirt and provides excellent dexterity
  • CE/EN 388 Cut Level 4, CPPT Cut Level 2: 923 grams

Applications: Automotive Sub-Assembly, Pulp & Paper Industry, Plastic Trimming, Glass Handling and Bottling

Ninja® Lite: NL00

Ninja® Lite: NL00
  • Ultralight Fashion Grade Nylon Shell for Second Skin Sensitivity
  • Feather-Light Black Polyurethane Coating conceals dirt/grime and provides excellent Wet, Dry and Light Oil Grip.
  • Approximately 30% lighter than traditional Nylon/PU gloves providing unparalleled Tactile Sensitivity

Applications: Optics, Photography/Printing and Intricate Assembly: Microprocessors, Printed Circuits and Transistors

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