SC Johnson Professional TM have been making the workplace shine for over 130 years. With instantly recognisable, global brands and a cleaning solution for every workplace environment, this trusted range of products ensures a deep and dependable clean.

With the end of winter in sight, the big spring clean is on the horizon. 
SC Johnson Professional TM have a portfolio of professional products to make 2019’s spring clean a breeze.  Ingrained in our range is the understanding of how to effortlessly keep your workplace looking and feeling fresh, day-in day- out. 

From the kitchen to the canteen, washroom to reception, SC Johnson Professional TM have the professional product required to remove any contaminants in any workplace environment.  With exclusive commercial pack sizes and powerful formulas, these tried and tested products will ensure you receive an efficient clean, each and every time.


Daily food preparation and a variety of surfaces mean that’s it’s imperative to get a thorough, efficient clean every time. SC Johnson Professional TM has you covered with Mr Muscule Multi-Surface, a single product solution for all your tough commercial kitchen cleaning needs.  Suitable for most surfaces, from cooker tops to sinks, tiles to work surfaces, this product kills 99.99% of bacteria and removes grease and grime with ease.  Available in a 750ml commercial size, this popular and trusted product is exclusive to professional users.

Bathrooms and Washrooms

Leave your toilet clean and smelling fresh with Duck® Toilet Cleaner.  The uniquely-shaped neck provides an intense thorough clean, even under the rim.  One of SC Johnson Professional TM most recognisable products available in two refreshing scents,Duck® Toilet Cleaner kills 99.99% of bacteria and powers through tough stains and limescale.

Brighten up your washroom for spring with Mr Muscle® Window & Glass Cleaner.  Effectively removing grease and grime, the added vinegar leaves your glass and mirrors smear and streak free.

For your sinks and other bathroom surfaces, look no further than Mr Muscle® Multi-PurposeWith a powerful, trusted formula and fresh lemon scent, this product kills 99.99% of bacteria for a sparkling clean.

Bringing a shine to the rest of your workplace

Tough on dust and grime, Pledge® Multi-Surface will help your surfaces shine.  Safe to use on sealed wood, glass, electronics and more.  In an extra-large, commercial pack size exclusive to professionals, this functional product removes smears fast for a brilliant shine.

Remove fingerprints and 90% of dust allergens from your wooden furniture with Pledge® Furniture Polish. In an exclusive commercial size, this product not only enhances the natural shine of the wood, but it also repels and protects from dust for seven days after application.

For a welcoming, refreshing space every time, Glade® Pacific Breeze leaves an inviting, clean scent throughout your workplace environments.  With a large commercial size ideal for professional use, this enticing spray fights tough odours for longer.

Supercharge your Spring Clean team with SC Johnson Professional TM products, available from Greenham.

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