Health and safety in the workplace is a serious matter, which is why product testing is so important. Each industry presents its own range of potential hazards that employees are faced with and choosing the correct footwear for the job can play a key role in preventing slips, trips and falls during routine tasks. Careful consideration should be taken to ensure your safety at work, something which we at Greenham are passionate about.

Rock Fall are no strangers to creating footwear that is both comfortable and tough, as well as stylish. With a product range that tailors to an array of industries, Rock Fall have established themselves as a brand that deliver high-quality work boots that lead the way.

Safety footwear standards exist to ensure products available on the market are fit for purpose. Rock Fall, however, have gone above and beyond the minimum safety standards to prove the durability of their FORCE10® technology.

FORCE10® is a brand of advanced durability components, with the range featuring outsoles and scuff caps to enhance Rock Fall’s footwear. All FORCE10® components have been tested to incredibly high levels compared to the standard EN requirements. Styles, which feature this technology, are widely specified by a number of major construction and utility contractors, these include the likes of Murphy Group and Thames Water.

To prove it is more than just meeting standards, Rock Fall had fun inventing some more extreme testing measures to show they were going above and beyond the requirements. Working with the Cast Metals Federation at one of their member sites; they Heat tested in excess of 800°C. Separately they cold flex tested and certified with Intertek, to -40 °C, these are just some of the extremes the technology is tested against.

What other tests did they do?

FORCE10® Scuff caps achieve abrasion resistance that places them as one of the most durable on the market, exceeding 49,000 revs in an adapted test using P180 Grit paper.

FORCE10® Outsoles also achieve abrasion resistance that is on average 67% higher than the European Standard. The GR100 sole unit was the first construction sole to be HSL grip certified – Rated 2 star.

According to the tests done by Intertek and SATRA, their FORCE10® sole is far surpassing the EN standards:

–      Slip Coefficients that are >25% (on average) higher than SRA/SRB/SRC requirement

      Flex tested at -40°C (both EN ISO 20345:2011 Outsole Flex test and CI test)

This has given Rock Fall great confidence and they are continuing to expand the range of FORCE10® components and products during 2018.

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