Critical items are identified immediately through the clear protective cover of the new deluxe wall panel station, making it much easier to administer first aid correctly and keep check on all-important stock levels.

British Standard compliant first aid kits reflect the most up-to-date changes in both first aid training and modern workplace risks, making them demonstrably more ‘fit for purpose’ in today’s environment. The new deluxe wall station is manufactured from high quality wipe clean ABS plastic, with a dustproof lid to keep contents clean. Each wall panel displays all the British Standard compliant contents in a way that ensures an effortless selection of specific components and enables effective treatment.

Eye Wash and Redcap Stations

Available in the same style station, the RedCap eyewash and skin flush station is instantly available for acid or alkali splashes. The phosphate buffer solution is supplied in a 500ml eyewash bottle with integral eye bath.

• Reduced flushing time
• Reduced volume of fluid
• Reduced patient discomfort
• Reduced risk to first aider

The neutralising effect reduces flushing time and the volume of fluid needed to dilute acid and alkali splashes*, therefore reducing patient discomfort and secondary risk to the first aider.

After eye or skin contact with acid or alkalis, it is only seconds before the pH value is significantly altered, and the corrosive damage may lead to permanent injury. Acid and alkalis must be quickly neutralised to a pH value equal to the normal level in the eye or on the skin. The use of ordinary water or 0.9% sodium chloride increases the flushing time and will only provide a limited degree of effective dilution.

Quicker neutralisation, especially on the face, can relieve the distress of feeling ‘underwater’ from flushing. The first aider is also better protected from contact with the contaminant and becoming a secondary victim.

*It is recommended that flushing continues with water or saline eye wash until medical help arrives.

We stock a premier eyewash station containing 500ml saline eyewash bottles with an integral eye bath cap, eye pad dressings, and 20ml saline eyewash pods, allowing the eye to be irrigated easily and efficiently.

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