There are 31.42 million people in work in the UK.  Did you know that of those, 12.5m require vision correction? Additionally, 5.7 million UK workers must, by law, wear safety spectacles or protective goggles due to their field of work (Office for National Statistics, 2015).

Working in any type of industrial environment can carry potential risks to employees’ vision. Even if your employees wear glasses, these likely will not be strong enough to stop flying debris or other hazards. Partial loss of sight or total blindness caused by eye damage at work can have a dramatic effect on a person’s life, whether it is a temporary or permanent injury.

The most common way to protect the eyes of such workers from harm is to wear safety goggles over prescription glasses.  This solution, however, is bulky and can be inconvenient. It also does not meet the requirements of the PPE regulation.

A far more efficient solution is the use of prescription safety spectacles.

This is why we have partnered with Bollé Safety to offer you their expertise in safety eyewear while making it easy to choose and order the right PPE for your needs.

Bollé have a selection of 17 of the best frames on the market today that are available to have prescription lenses added.  Therefore, employers can now supply their staff with stylishly designed prescription safety spectacles that are tested and approved to EN 166 in certified laboratory conditions by expert technicians.

The range is anti-scratch and anti-fog platinum coated.  No other manufacturer in the world does this on prescription safety spectacles.  The frames can be glazed with either single vision or progressive polycarbonate prescription lenses to EN166 1F KN. Bollé are also the only company in Europe to offer a 2-year warranty on their safety spectacles.

To make things even easier Bollé have teamed up with Opticians to provide your employees with a professional, cost-effective service.

It takes just 3 easy steps to order your new Safety Eyewear:

  1. Purchase Bolle All Inclusive Prescription Pack code 293063 and take the pack to your local optician (it includes everything you need*)
  2. Choose your frame
  3. Your optician will order them and tell you when they are ready

*excludes eye test free

For more information please contact one of our Service Centres.

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