In 2016 67% of the buyer’s journey is done digitally and this is continually increasing (Source: Sirius Decisions). Greenham is finding innovative ways to use digital technology to provide the best B2B Online shopping experience for the customer. We have developed online our trading and you can now benefit from unique cost control and approval procedures online.

Because we specialise in tailored customer solutions, with access to an in-house team of developers supported by a flexible IT platform, these are the things these are the things you can achieve if you choose to shop online with us:

  • Apply budgets by setting spending rules for users and locations
  • View and download invoices, credit notes & PODs
  • Order approval process
  • Purchase order validation rules
  • Specify which products each user or location can view and order works in a secure certificated area https:// and each user is given a personal username and password. Furthermore, users are automatically suspended, following 6 months of inactivity, and deleted, following 12 months of inactivity.

We have also worked to improve your digital experience and have developed a ‘My Company’ section, where you can take control of your online account through an easy to use self-service dashboard:

  • Manage what your locations and users can view and order
  • View and download orders by business, location, and user
  • Set up order approvers and apply approval rules
  • Manage your budget online by setting spend rules for users and locations
  • Manage what your users view and order

To open an online account with us please follow this link.

To see a quick guide to ‘My Company’ features please click here.