3M Personal Protective Equipment is the workers’ choice. Why? Because every product is designed with you and your team in mind, helping to keep every person safe and allowing every worker to be at their best.

3M Safety products are the result of decades of dedicated research. They are developed to offer professional protection at all times, as well as improving comfort and fit.

3M Safety products provide the health and safety protection you and your workers need, including both disposable and reusable respirators, protective eyewear and hearing protection, as well as the leading 3M PELTOR™ Communications range.

3M has been a pioneer in disposable respiratory protection for over four decades, investing millions of pounds & years of hard work in developing the products that you want to wear. Find this extensive range which is packed with features for improved comfort & fit at Bunzl Greenham.

3M reusable respirators are optimised for wearer’s comfort, adaptability between hazards and durability to withstand tough working environments.  The wide range of spares & consumables allows the respirators to be easily maintained, offering excellent value for money.

3M hearing protection products cater for unique scenarios and range from conventional foam earplugs, to the very latest high-tech electronic ear muffs. We know that every job is different and that some tasks can require either hearing, head or face protection, or even all three. That’s why 3M Safety Helmets and Face Shields, that Bunzl Greenham offers, are designed to be worn comfortably along with 3M Ear Muffs and other protection products.

At Greenham, we believe when hearing protection solutions are comfortable, practical and easy to use, workers are happier to use them. This helps you to ensure compliance with professional health and safety standards. Choosing and using professional hearing protection can require both reliable support and guidance.

If you would like to organise training or would like technical support – please contact your local Service Centre and this can be arranged for you.

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